Resources to Support Your Child's Growth

Resources to Support
Your Child's Growth

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Pediatric Speech-Language

A pediatric speech therapist, also known as a speech-language pathologist (SLP).

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Crossing Midline

Learn why crossing midline is a game-changer in development.

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Bilateral Coordination

Bilateral coordination is key for developing motor skills & daily tasks. Find out why!

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Strengthening Family Bonds

Build resilient family bonds with these strategies.

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Mirror Play

Mirrors foster infant self-discovery, social interaction, and sensory exploration.

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Pumping Tips

Uncover tips designed for the on-the-go single mom with a hectic schedule.

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Common Resources

SPD Foundation logo as clickable link to go to their website.
The Autism Speaks logo as clickable link to go to their website.
The APTA logo as clickable link to go to their website.
The ASHA logo as clickable link to go to their website.
The AOTA logo as clickable link to go to their website.
The Stuttering Foundation Logo as clickable link to go to their website.


What payment options does Benchmark Pediatrics accept?

We are private pay. Benchmark Pediatrics is willing to provide you with the information necessary to submit claims to your insurance carrier for out of network coverage or for reimbursement through a Health Savings Plan. Click here for more detailed information.

Where is your office located?

We do not have a traditional brick and mortar building. Benchmark Pediatrics is a mobile therapy service that comes directly to your home.

How much do you charge?

The charge varies depending on the service provided. We offer initial evaluations with the appropriate discipline depending on your concerns. The initial evaluation typically lasts 60-90 minutes. After the initial evaluation we also offer follow- up visits or sessions scheduled on a regular basis depending on your needs and what fits your schedule. Those sessions are usually not as long as the initial evaluation and last 45-60 minutes.

What will a session look like?

The initial visit will be a combination of parent interview and interaction/playing with your child. The evaluation may be standardized, functional observations or a combination of the two depending on your concerns, the age of the child and their willingness to work with the therapist. Once the evaluation is complete, the results will be reviewed and recommendations will be discussed.

How do I get started?

Just give us a call! During that initial conversation we can discuss your concerns. You can learn a little more about the services we offer and how we can help.

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