Essential Pumping Tips for Busy Single Moms

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Guest article provided by: Family Wellness Pro

Single working mothers have a lot on their plates at all times, and juggling so many priorities can be physically and mentally exhausting. When it comes to feeding the baby and finding ways to safely and comfortably pump no matter where you are, the challenge can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make the process a bit easier, whether you’re at work, at home, or on the go. You can start with these tips from Benchmark Pediatrics.

Set Up a Comfort Station

Our homes are sources of comfort and respite, but that doesn’t mean they’re always conducive to activities like pumping. You can make sure your living space has the best possible area for your expressing and feeding needs by setting up a station with a comfortable and supportive chair, a blanket, an extra pillow, a footstool, and a table or small rolling cart that holds everything you need. This can include disinfectant wipes, baby wipes, clean cotton cloths, a selection of healthy snacks, a large cup of water so you can stay hydrated, extra storage bags, and of course the pump itself. You can also keep a good paperback or e-reader handy for those times when you’re pumping alone and need some entertainment.

Advocate for Yourself

If you work in an office or other business setting, you’ll also need a comfortable, safe space to pump in while you’re there. Unfortunately, many small businesses don’t have designated areas for feeding or pumping, which means mothers are relegated to doing so in a restroom or stockroom. Learn more about your rights as an infant caregiver so you can advocate for yourself and other working mothers within your company. While, as Workplace Fairness points out, businesses with fewer than 50 employees aren’t required by law to provide a lactation room, you can talk to your employer about your needs and work together to find a solution. 

In the meantime, it can be helpful both for you and your employer to create a schedule for pumping. If your workday takes you outside of the office, work out a plan that will allow you to pump in the car if necessary.

Get Help From Older Kids

Having an older child help around the house while you're busy with a newborn can be a lifesaver. It not only eases your workload but also fosters a sense of responsibility and teamwork in them. One key task they can take on is keeping their rooms clean. This encourages them to take ownership of their space and learn about the importance of cleanliness and organization. 

By assigning them this responsibility, you're teaching them valuable life skills while also ensuring that the household runs smoothly even as you navigate the demands of caring for a newborn. It's a practical way to manage your time and energy, and it also helps your older child feel involved and important in the family dynamics.

Bring the Right Tools

Whether you’re going to be meeting with a client or taking a flight to an entirely different city, traveling as a breastfeeding mother can be challenging to say the least. It’s helpful, however, to come prepared with the right tools. Your pump, cleaning products, storage bags, and cooler are essentials when traveling. You can also bring along a small blanket or towel for modesty if you prefer.

Plan for Your Family

As a busy single parent of an infant, it can be difficult to manage all the tasks on your to-do list and still have time to focus on the rest of your family. If you have older children, you can make it a point to spend quality time with them even when you have a lot going on by asking them to help with chores or cooking dinner, or by making bedtime a fun event every night. 

Have a free weekend coming up? Plan something together that will allow you all to make great memories. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive; consider putting together a picnic in the backyard, or having a movie night complete with popcorn and dollar-store candy.

Start a Baby Business

Starting a baby-focused business is a great way to make extra income while also being able to work around the needs of a young child. Whether it's selling clothing and toys, providing daycare services or creating helpful apps, there are many ways to bring your ideas and skills to the world of babies and toddlers. With the right resources, you can create a successful baby-focused business that not only meets the needs of parents but also provides you with job satisfaction.

Get Steps In

Walking is a great way to get the whole family together and enjoy some quality time. notes that not only does it provide physical benefits such as improved strength and endurance, but also mental benefits like increased relaxation. Kids especially love it when they can explore different places while getting exercise — try using a Walk Score map to help you find parks and trails nearby that are perfect for taking a walk. Taking time to go on family walks is the perfect way to bond, stay healthy, and have fun!

As a working mother, it can be hard to take care of everyone all the time, let alone yourself. Make self-care a priority by working in small joys each day, such as reading while you pump. The more you can take care of yourself, the easier it will be to manage your workload.

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